by Kirtan Pete

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Om Gam Ganapathayai Namaha, Gaurinandana Gajavadana, Gaurinanadana Nama Shivaya Om Namo Durgai Ma Durgai Jai Ma Kevalya Saranam Jai Jai Jai
Sita Ram 04:40
Sita Ram Jai Rhadhe Shyam..Rama Rama Rama Sita Hanuman, Rama Rama Ram.
O Ma ! 06:26
O Ma , O Ma, Saranam, Satchidananda..Saranam Satchidananda... O Ma..
Govinda Hari Hari, Gopala Hari Hari, Narayana Hari Narayana
Kamadevi 05:02
Sita Rama, Rhadhe Shyama, Samohana Shakti, Parvathi Shiva, Kamadevaya, Kartikeya. Dhanu Pawshpam Vijayathe, Tarakasura., Vishnu Lakshmi, Pitta Mata, Kamadevaya. You drive us crazy, sweet sweet Shakti Ma, Hey Adi Shakti O Shakti Ma, Parama Shakti Ma. Rama Rama Sita Ram, Radhe Radhe Radhe Krishna Shyam, Rama Rama Rama Sita Ram, Kamadevaya.
Mohi Mohi 05:41
O Mohi Mohi, Maha Mohi Soha, O Muni Muni Smara, Swaha
Om Aim Hrim Shrim Klim, Kaliye. Kalika, Kalika, Kalika Kaliye
Letting Go 06:37
Loss and limitation are our friend, they teach that everything has an end. Let it go, it was never mine, letting go, all disappears in time. Pain and suffering sickness and death, all reminders we're not just flesh. Let it go, it will surely pass, let it go, nothing ever lasts. Om Om Dhumaviti, Jai Jai Dhumavati, Om Om Dhumavatiyai Namaha. let it go, let it go, nothing ever lasts
I SURRENDER, and trust the universe will give me what I need ! .. Ishwara Pranidhana..
You have always known, that you can never die, its the deepest truth, hidden in the sky. Just question who you are, are you the body or the mind, are you the thoughts and feelings that blow in like the wind. Are you just a brother a sister or a child, are you just a lover with your senses going wild. You are nothing, nothing at all, just the pure awareness of soul. How do you erase the all pervading space that is within and outside you. How do you explain how it all begins again from nothing to everything. You are nothing, nothing at all, just the pure awareness of soul.


This album is a collection of bhajans and songs written over at Vagarosa, my Portugese home in the Alentejano campo, between 2016 and 2019.
It is a celebration of life in all its outrageous cataclismic beauty, inspired by the Universal Divine Mother in her form as Sammohan Shakti (Kamadevi)..the essential force of attraction that pervades the cosmos, which makes everything, from small particles, to human beings, planets and stars..fall in love with each other and get it together. She drives us mad with LOVE ..the true glue of the universe. Literally
everything would fall apart without it !!
Recorded at my little wooden house in Llandysul West Wales during covid 19 plandemic lockdown period April-June 2020.

Shakta Tantra (ancient Vedic Yoga spiritual system) offers a radical view of cosmology, which modern quantum physics aligns with more everyday it seems. It describes the idea that the universe comes into being when the Divine Mother ( shakti, or energy) ‘separates’ from Shiva (consciousness) and through her primordial vibration (described as Om) creates time, spaceand matter, now known as the quantum field. The human being (and all ‘solid’ things) are a distillation of this shakti energy, in the form of the five elements, the mind and consciouness.
Through certain yoga practices, particularly Nada Yoga,(mystical sound vibration) and Bhakti Yoga (devotion), we can retrace this process using mantra with awareness and eventually awaken to our true nature, which is ....LOVE ... the most essential component of being.
At some point, when we’ve done enough spiritual practice, we have to come out and live a life free of fear, enjoying fully the juicy ecstatic beauty of liberated beingness, without the fetters of the crazy conditioned mind.
I humbly offer this music at the feet of the One and only....
its time to Dance !

Grateful thanks to ALL those who came over to Portugal for our mantra
yoga retreats, your presence and beauty were inspirational. This album
is dedicated to the memory of Kim and Danny... never forgotten.


released November 18, 2020

All compositions, vocals, instruments, production etc by KirtanPete,
(aka Pete Barrett ..Bhaktananda).
Deepest thanks to Justine Rees for playing cello on tracks 2, 5, 7 & 9, also flute on 7 & 9 with native american flute and zebra drum also on 9.
Special thanks to my daughter Sophie for amazing backing vocals on tracks 6 & 9.

For the tecno geeks -Instruments used.-
Guitars- Indian sitar, Taylor T5z electric & 716ce acoustic, SP12 string, Gitalele, Yamaha Bass.
Percussion -Indian tablas, djembes, Korg Wavedrum (electronic tabla, ghatam, funky drums) tingshas, shaker, ride cymbal.
Keyboards-Yamaha piano, Indian harmonium, Hammond B3 organ, Clav D6, Rhodes.
Vocal mic -AKG 414.
Propellerhead Reason recording & mastering suite


all rights reserved



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